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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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the beatles i mean the. resort and spa the rich girls and grand miniature girls in each of the seasons hotel the sultan here to. let you know the latest news and week's top stories on our team the apec summit in hawaii sees asia and the pacific rim its most powerful economies start working on a possible game changing free trade zone. the prime ministers of both italy and greece fall and new governments are appointed as their countries drowning in debt. plus a un report claims a run could be seeking to obtain a nuclear weapon but tax credits runs the allegations as a new us back to smear campaign. top of the hour here on karen's taraji broadcasting to you live from the heart of
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moscow the creation of a landmark free trade zone dominated talks at this year's apec summit which brings together the leaders of asia pacific rim countries barack obama hosted the get together in hawaii and met up with to make it in the video to churn over some pretty hot topics parties honest enough brings us more from honolulu. the final day of the apec summit a two day gathering here in honolulu on the topic that they're hearing that they're really here for is the treaty relationships between the twenty one economies the issues of lifting custom barriers creating a healthier investment climate and really trying to reach an open and free trade zone by the year twenty twenty one of the key meetings of course was the bilateral talks between the russian and american presidents where they discussed like range of different issues but importantly one of them was russia's accession to the world trade organization of course russia has been having a desire to join to join the w t o since one thousand nine hundred three and it
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should this is something that should be finalized and russia should become a full fledged member by the summer of two thousand and twelve and the russian president really thinks the u.s. president for helping out in this whole process he did say that this is the first u.s. administration that has actually been. positive when it comes to russia's accession to the world trade organization among other issues was of course of course the issue of missile defense where there are still some disagreements between russia and the united states because russia wants the u.s. to provide some legal guarantees that the missile defense plans in europe will not be a threat to russia's security among other issues of course iran the two leaders said that they want to have a joint plan to make sure that iran follows its international obligations so that's just a few of the very many topics being discussed here on the ground so far we have nine countries including the u.s. who have us signed up to really working on this transpacific plan it's interesting
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that the united states has been trying to get more countries to join like you mention among them is of course china a major economy that's really making some here over in the united states paranoid that they might lose their sort of main spot is the number one world economy and it's interesting that china so far has has been saying that those u.s. plans are a little too ambitious because one of the mean close. all of that packed in question would include basically a need for speed of companies who are get subsidies from the government to be on the same level really as private companies and since so many industries in china are run by. sort of state and equities it's really a complicated matter for china and would really require a lot of restructuring so this is something that's really for now in the first stages of just includes buying countries for now where a tension between the u.s. and china at the apec forum can only damage america that's according to george
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cooed the founder of international strategic alliances he believes china bashing ahead of the u.s. presidential election hurts rather than helps economic recovery. the dollar is been on a steadily weakening trend for quite a few years i would say since the end of it were a mystery beginning obama administration why because we're printing more and more dollar bills and we're really only country that has that ability and privily to print more money when we need and natural consequences of course is that we can end up at all or as far as being competitive or not being come i think that a lot of that is a structural problem in the us you have high wages. certain protectionist sentiments from different sectors of the economy and and it makes it hard to compete on a worldwide market i say i attribute
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a lot of that make it in. the midst of all it takes the run up to the two thousand and twelve presidential election it's really unfortunate because if they see it differently they could it was recognized that in mighty chinese investments into the u.s. would be good for the u.s. would be it would be helpful to the u.s. local economy to be so i don't welcoming and so hostile to terry's investment is actually being insulting only interests they're all seem to try to outdo each other in being anti chairman this morning. the way i see it though i think this is say the usual cyclical run up until we had a presidential election and everything back to reality after that and things were. those talks at the apec summit prevention touches on russia's ascension to the world trade organization expected next year experts have moderated whether
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membership will help diversify and strengthen the russian economy or not artie's it . breaks down the arguments. for the person on the street w t o membership will not be just something we'll read about in the news but it will mean lower prices removing trade barriers between states increases competition prices of imported goods drop and the massive companies also grow quicker with foreign markets opening up. for workers of these much allergic accompany it all looks like a win win situation their most recent project is the north stream pipeline should they enter international markets they'll face very little competition. and this is why so much the largest plant in russia south producing harvested rushers is his food for months ahead and workers look inspired. but the head of the company has a rather different outlook to that of the w t o cheerleaders. our oil and gas will
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be in demand even without entering. agriculture. egg recall two will be among the hardest hit sectors but experts say the domestic automotive industry will be the one to undergo most that he will. the troubled mortgage giant after vos was rescued from the brink of death in the economic crisis of two thousand and eight by prime minister putin with more than one billion dollars in loans cash and guarantees. i pads is the government's favorite child but not all car makers in russia are cherished this used to be a riving want of musk reach open to nine hundred thirty its most successful years what the fifty's and sixty's are hundreds of thousands of not screech corus flooded the soviets and foreign markets after the collapse of the soviet union my screech
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was in desperate need of money but the government could not afford to loss making car produces a must reach was tossed out. the only way to would be collapse of yet another industrial giant experts say is to use the transition period after joining the w. cio wisely firstly entry to the w.t. doesn't mean you instantly have control systems timers and comply straight away transit so-called transition period roughly seventy years or so protectionist measures will apply for a number of sensitive industries which employ millions of people such as agriculture timber and car making but at a certain point the state's industrial dependence will have to let go of its terms and walk on their own two feet in the world outside it but that should also be a somewhat easier place to do business in lieu reduction of customs tariffs and trade barriers to a more level playing field across international markets exceeding the gretsch of a
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r t. coming up both stream ahead to join the w t russia opens a brand new gas pipeline direct to germany to moscow moves to cement trade ties with the west. and thousands of students march across central london nereus over education cuts and a tripling of tuition fees. also in syria hundreds of thousands come out in support of the government after damascus is banned from the arab league for failing to end the deadly unrest in the country. mario monti a former e.u. commissioner has been appointed the head of a new caretaker government in italy to pull the country back from the financial abyss as follows the resignation of silvio berlusconi who stepped down on saturday having ruled the country as prime minister for a total of ten years and three separate terms archies sarah firth brings us the
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latest from rome. the days of you feeling bad about start another working week on monday spare a thought the former aig commissioner mary muncie he's just been appointed by the president to form a new government and he now faces the massive task of pulling the country back from the financial abyss into which is currently staring saying no you usually job description certainly but everyone a very much hoping he's up to the job and everyone's going to be watching extremely closely to see what the results of that will be now he's currently deciding on who will form that new cabinet around an m.p. i was speaking to recently told me it was expected that it will not only be a government of many technocrats but also a rather small gathering around him as well that would be with the intention of creating a more streamlined more effective government who is able to push through these are
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very serious reforms and can then actually have some of these achievements that have been so long awaited for in the country because these reforms long promised and we fail to see them be delivered safe that he faces an absolutely huge challenge ahead of him with the feeling amongst the people in italy is certainly that with silvio berlusconi resigned as prime minister and with marion monti and now at the helm that it's really at least stands a chance but certainly no one's assuming that this is going to be a quick fix to the very serious problems that the country still faces and of course is one thing to pass these measures in is one thing to now see a caretaker government in the process of being formed and these positions have happened very quickly or has to be said this weekend but of course they have absolutely desperate right now to send the message that they are able to get a grasp on the very serious situation in the country but there's still a lot to be done and these reforms actually have to be implemented and that's going
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to take years before you see the results of that that you're going to need. democratic legitimacy you're going to need support and already there are questions about where the merry month he's going to be able to gain that support in parliament because he's going to need that to push through these measures that's going to be very very important in the coming days and weeks and also whether he's going to be able to get a grasp of the public support this all because they're the ones he face these very painful austerity measures be eighty hikes pension cuts killed cuts all things that a lot of economists vacancies said not of course conducive to growth which is exactly what the country needs right now monkeys a very well respected economist in the country he says he's going to be watched very very close to the man but a lot of people think is the right person to guide the country through a very tough time but as he said the task ahead of him is absolutely huge is nickname here is super mario and everyone's going to be certainly hoping he's going
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to live up to that and he will need to deal with the challenges that lie ahead thousands of people took over central london on wednesday to protest against our threefold rise in university tuition fees and public spending cuts demonstrators chanted angry slogans while around four thousand. were the poit along the route organizers plan to link up with an existing up. outside of st paul's but were blocked by riot police a number of arrests were made police say the march was largely peaceful there were reports of officers being authorized to use rubber bullets should violence break out which angered protest organizers. people have all sorts of political views and i was under the impression that that was allowed in this country what the announcement that was my incredibly provocative announcement that was made that was going to be brought the police in preparation for this the instruction is absolutely outrageous i mean if anything it's likely to increase the level of
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tension and increase that the level of the. trust and the level of fear actually of the police it would have been done and they have done and that's a terrible terrible thing no one on. the side that is about drones can call the police the only role that we should be playing is to facilitate the rights to peaceful protesters. to syria now where hundreds of thousands of government supporters have rallied in cities across the country angered at syria's suspension from the arab league damascus has since called for an emergency meeting of the organization and in an attempt to reverse the decision the league decided to suspend damascus in an attempt to force president assad to implement a peace plan to end the deadly unrest meanwhile dozens more people have reportedly been killed across the country on sunday in the latest wave of crackdown on anti-government protests this comes as the head of russia's orthodox church visits the country and have bid to bring an end to the bloodshed author and journalist tom
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thinks the conflict in syria is being fueled from abroad and could drag on for some time. many syrian soldiers have died in the conflict they don't normally report here they just said civilians where are they getting the weapons from. exhibiting in the dubai said the profits are up place of profits a very good in the middle east at the moment what i think i fear and what many analysts may be fearing at the moment is that a saudi backed proxy war will continue and there will be an insurgency that is fighting in syria against the assad government to continue to cause instability in syria and beyond and this will be a sort of slow burn for normal with the united states and europe thinking a kind of backseat almost and also forget that turkey has been actively involved in the even told us diplomatic staff and as i understand because of rising its own citizens to leave syria turkey is playing a game here too and the media is playing a massive game because our television station al-jazeera very obviously wanting the
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four of us out of the moment and the western media to a report by the un's atomic watchdog has heightened fears this week that iran could be developing a nuclear weapon and israel is now calling on the international community to act despite being an undeclared nuclear power itself pressure is stressing the need for caution over what appears to be an inconclusive report iran's brushing the allegations aside blaming the u.s. for putting pressure on the international atomic energy agency iranian lawmakers are now calling for review of the country's cooperation with the agency iranian political scientist saeed mohammad marandi says the findings are biased and deeply flawed. the whole report itself it's based on forged documents there is absolutely nothing new in the board all the documents are from the year two thousand and four and before there is a general trend to try to put iran in
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a corner as it were probably corner iran if you recall just a few weeks ago the americans made outrageous accusations about some murder plot of this sort of the united states no one in the world believed it because it was so absurd this now comes right after this report if you if you look at the western media the corporate media they're all saying that this is new information it proves that iran is trying to produce a nuclear weapon we're in reality all the documents go back to two thousand and four and the previous years all have been refuted in the past the united states has never provided that i with the documents this shows that this is basically an attempt to create. pressure and to to move public opinion against iran are three man crew bound for the international space station are just hours away from lift off from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan this is the first manned flight after the u.s.
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retired its space shuttle program russia is now the only nation capable of taking produce it on a sense but this launch follows a string of problems for russian space agency in august and unmanned progress supply vessel crashed back to earth shortly after takeoff and more recently the loss of contact with the focus runt mars probe we will be live at the baikonur cosmodrome are approximately eight fourteen moscow time for this morning's launch do you now sit. and remember you can always find more stories on our web site here's a what else you'll find it archie dot com a man down europe's last dictator turns against last fall some fellow russian leader i mean sound and the question go takes a tough stance on freedom of assembly. plus you can find a report by our close up team that travel to russia's black sea coast to see how the popular resort is attracting growing numbers up there in the water sports and that's all on our web page at our.
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police are investigating fresh clashes in northern cross of all which resulted in a serbian man's death and injuries gunfire broke out during a fight between ethnic albanians and serbs along the surprise of a border late on wednesday earlier that day nato peacekeepers in the area used tear gas to quell resistance as they tried to dismantle a sort of parakeet the u.n. secretary general says the tension has been caused by all suppose attempts to extend its control over border crossings in the serb down needed area political analyst alexander paul bitch believes there's a bigger picture behind those actions they've been doing it for years now and they've broken their mandate actually they're doing the job of being in control
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government and prishtina and they're doing it openly in spite of their mandate from the un which is supposed to be a peacekeeping mandate to keep the the warring sides separated this is an aggressive show of force like an occupier and instead of the peacekeepers there behind the crisis in greece there behind the crisis in iran what we're seeing right now is the slowing of the new world this order and serbia is one of the flashpoints . tension has been growing in kosovo for months but life goes on for serbs who remain passionate about their fight against nato peacekeepers and the course of our authorities artie's aleksei yet a shift in takes a deeper look into the ongoing dispute. that was. perhaps not an obvious venue for a wedding but this serbian couple living in northern possible decided to get married at the barricades and meter bits of google earth were gathered together
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here and there's no woodruff who would invent this is a well known business which is present because i'm a consumer of this sort of barricades in northern kosovo have been standing for several months now for those who built them they're just a part of everyday life not only have the kosovo serbs isolated themselves from the k. four troops but also from their unwanted neighbors this is the famous bridge which splits the town and the serbian and albanian parts it was called the bridge of friendship it was meant to symbolize that that so can easily live together but the size of the barricades on the serbian part tells the whole story of how serbs are unwilling to be part of the self-proclaimed state pensions are still running high just a few kilometers away. for every sand obstacle the case for troops managed to demolish serbs built two piles there are times when the two poles sisters take place and all taney asleep in an hour and i'm about.
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people like me. you know. serbs say they have no choice but to continue barricading themselves in they believe a ban ians would not hesitate to wipe them off their land forcefully hell if they believe by k. for troops despite constant clashes with a nato contingent and political pressure from belgrade because civil servants have become accustomed to living this cage they have built for themselves. it was hard at first when we run out of food and petrol but we serbs are people who used to improvising in finding a way out. of the turn of the routes to the mountains so now we can again. we prevented a humanitarian catastrophe or do another deadlock in this balkan melting pot continues belgrade is still unwilling to resume negotiations with pristina which could put through this standoff but while politicians clash this sort of family has
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little trust in diplomacy their kids may be too young to realize what it's all about and why they are being shown the barriers but there is little doubt what views they will inherit once they grow up let's see russia see reporting from cautious commute in kosovo the republic of south has taken to the polls in its first presidential election since a game to international recognition in two thousand and eight however no one her husband determined in the first round of the vote two candidates will now go through a runoff vote the current emergencies minister. and former education minister our joy of are they both came around twenty four percent of the whole the next round is scheduled to take place in two weeks time. now to some other stories from across the world a powerful explosion has killed six people in northwest pakistan the bomb was
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placed in a car left unattended in the tribe or province near the afghan border no one has so far claimed responsibility but officials have blamed previous violence in the area on taliban and islamised militants this comes just a day after a dozen people died during a gunfight and a mortar attack in the same region. in portland police have arrested at least fifty occupy protesters in a city park after they defied orders to disperse officers used by time once during the clearance but say there were no injuries the protests are a part of a larger movement which is protesting social and economic inequality and corporate greed in america and around the world. brazilian police say they've completed a massive operation to clear rio de janeiro's largest slum of drug gangs the rossini shanty town controlled in parts by local criminal groups is officially home to seven hundred thousand people although some estimates say the real figure is
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much higher the project is aimed at cutting crime in the city head of the two thousand and fourteen football world cup and the twenty sixteen olympics. at least one policeman has died and three others injured in an israeli missile strike on gaza two rockets struck a naval base used by hamas palestinian authorities say more people may be trapped beneath the rubble israel claims the strike was in retaliation to an earlier rocket attack from the gaza strip. russia has ushered in a new era of energy security for western europe with the launch of the north stream pipeline it's now pumping russian gas directly to germany ruling out any rails with transit countries which had previously left european consumers out in the cold archy's daniel bushell watched as the receiving end of the pipeline was unveiled. wheel of fortune turns in europe's favor e.u.
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leaders hailed russia's first of a route that skirts tricky transit nations bill roos and ukraine with against rich middle east also one stable energy chief say the project's a boon in several ways nothing brings admission and i think that's. a very important admission a security officer for wasted and he's very travelled the world. he said he meant us securely to every essential but this security comes with a hefty price tag the project cost some eight billion bureau in fact north stream operator goes from was told by many top ten lists that the world's longest sub c.p.s. route was doomed to failure this is a point when they said couldn't be built it's too long too expensive and take me they said it was impossible but it's happening think experts is that the russian engineering brilliance that use that technique will. design off the pipeline
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which is i think the best pipeline we have. for gas from thoughts about nordstrom's first line has started successfully and the second goes operational in twenty twelve together they can heat twenty six million homes a year but more is needed because use has jumped even through the current e.u. debt crisis and supply can't keep up with predicted demand gazprom is given the strongest him so far the third line could also be built building in that if i will add all the capacity of existing again future by plenty still not enough expansion or not steam will be discussed it is so thin some even call this project the first step that could take russia into the e.u. single market there are those who hold nord stream will make the two sides friendlier. we are trying to bring russia closer to europe even integrates
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europe and russia into a common energy space and if this space will be successful then we can think about creating and common economic space and a free trade zone as the first guest began to flow optimistic leaders were all smiles and the next few months will show if streams really the start of a new era between the e.u. and russia or just another point during the new bush altie in the big germany or a cap of the week's top stories is coming up shortly stay with us.
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culture is that so much given to each musician to try to mark what is it deja vu all over again given that nations nuclear watchdog the i.a.e.a. claims a new report that iran is moving ever closer. well good. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia . and. some.


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